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Jordan Gray signs with Sea Gayle Music

“I’ve known Jordan a long time. To watch him grow into the writer, artist, and human he is today is a pleasure. I am over the moon he chose us as his first publishing home in Nashville. Thank you Ward [Guenther] for letting me fill in at Whiskey Jam. This might not have happened!” says Sr. Creative Director at Sea Gayle Music, JD Groover.

Gray says, “Chris DuBois has an impressive background in the writing and publishing world and has helped many writers and artists develop successful careers in this industry. He has built a great team at Sea Gayle and I am excited to be a part of their writer’s group. I feel Chris, JD, and Sea Gayle will be a great developmental partner for me and I am looking forward to seeing what we can build together.”

John Lytle, Gray’s manager, adds, “We are thrilled to have Sea Gayle as a partner in Jordan’s career. It is a dream to find fervent believers like Chris and J.D. who see the potential in this young talent and have them join the crusade!”


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